Thursday, 23 February 2012

Crazy times and exciting announcements!

Well this post is certainly overdue! Things have been a bit crazy in our neck of the woods what with visitors, Christmas & New Year, work, Chinese New Year AND a baby on the way! Yes that's right, our first little bundle will be making it's debut in June. I say it, as we are not finding out the sex. We believe it is the only one real big surprise you get in life and will be ecstatic with a healthy baby of either gender. Exciting stuff!

So I dragged hubby along to the park to take this little snapshot to make the big announcement to our family and friends. I got the idea from Pinterest which is my constant source of inspiration and loveliness. How did you guys announce your little bundles?

Pippa xoxo

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Makeup Junkie - MAC Beauty Balm and Transparent Finishing Powder

It is no secret that I am a bit of a makeup junkie. Many an hour of mine has been spent browsing through the plethera of pretty colours and lipglosses at Chanel and Dior. Meanwhile my poor husband is standing with crossed arms waiting for me outside the M.A.C counter whilst I happily discuss the new range with the consultant. (Thank the good Lord and Steve Jobs for iPhones with 3G otherwise I would be really screwed).
On my last visit to MAC, I was very happy to come across this awesome little combo:
I was looking for a new primer after being somewhat disappointed with my last purchase of M.A.C Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage. I found it would go a little tacky on my skin, and the bottle didn't last very long at all. The consultant reccommended I try the Beauty Balm, above. I was a little hesitant at first as it is actually coloured - something like a tinted moisturiser, and I was actually looking for a good base for my normal foundation. The fact that it has an spf of 35 won me over in the end and the consultant assured me that it can go under foundation or on it's own.
So I got home and tried out my new primer and was very pleasantly surprised. It is awesome even on it's own and gives your skin a lovely natural flawless finish. It is equally good as a base for foundation, and I find it perfect for my days off when I don't like to wear a full face of makeup.

As for the Transparent Finishing Powder, I had been looking for a good one of these for quite some time as I don't really like heavily coloured powders over foundation. In the heat and humidity of Singapore, I really find I need something to stick my foundation down so it doesn't run off my face before I even get to work (ergh). This little ripper certainly does the trick. It comes out ever so slightly pale on your skin, but if your foundation is one shade darker than your natural skin tone like mine, then it is perfect. You can also put a little bronzer over the top if you like.

So for you ladies who live in warmer climates or even those who prefer a sheer coverage without using foundation, these 2 products are for you!

Stay tuned for the next edition of Makeup Junkie....

Pippa xoxo

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Honeymooning in Vietnam

So after a beautiful honeymoon and a couple of hectic weeks upon our return home, I now feel like I have my routine back and can breathe a little! Today I thought I would share with you a few snaps from our trip to Vietnam. We had a wonderful and relaxing time and met some fantastic people along the way.

Our first stop was beautiful Hanoi where we experienced beautiful tree lined streets, French architecture, yummy food and motorbikes galore.

After Hanoi, we took a bus to Ha Long Bay where we joined a one night cruise. What an amazing part of the world.

Then it was down south to Nha Trang where we were able to chill (like this bloke)...

To market, to market...

Yummy banana chips!

We stayed out of town a bit at a place called An Lam, Ninh Van Bay. It was heavenly! Here was our villa for the first night (all complete with a private butler, of course darlings!)

Then the lovely staff heard it was our honeymoon,  so they upgraded us to this superb beach villa:


Most relaxing holiday EVER!

Our final destination was Ho Chi Minh where we had 2 nights. It was a surprisingly nice city filled with lots of great bars and restaurants where I could enjoy even more fruity drinks.

So now it's back to work and back to reality. Oh well, I guess this is what we work hard for! Where did you guys go or would like to go for your honeymoons?

Have a great week,
Pippa xoxo

Friday, 14 October 2011

Beautiful blooms

After a yummy Thai feast with my husband in our new neighbourhood, we decided to walk home to work off those extra calories we had just consumed. As we were strolling, we came across a newly opened restaurant.

In Chinese culture, all new businesses are welcomed by other businesses in the area, by sending a huge bunch of flowers to display in front of their store. Such a sweet gesture!

The lovely restaurant owner stopped us on our way to invite us to take whatever flowers we liked, as tomorrow they would be put in the bin. There were soooo many to choose from and we were only limited by what we could carry. Everyone who walked past was invited to join in.

We walked away with these beautiful blooms which lasted another week. It most certainly was a lovely thing to make me smile :)

I am now off to Vietnam for a couple of weeks to enjoy my long awaited honeymoon :) I will think of you all as I sip pretty drinks with umbrellas in them.

Pippa xoxo

Sunday, 9 October 2011

DIY updo

I came across this lovely DIY updo on Martha Stewart Weddings so I tried it out the other day. It was actually quite easy and looked super chic. I love the half up half down style as sometimes you want to look polished without your hair hanging in your face. Have a go and see what you think!


Pippa xoxo

Monday, 3 October 2011

In the neighbourhood, Singapore style

Our homes have changed a lot over the past 5 years on our Asian adventure, and last week saw us tally up our total number of moves to 4. It seems we are becoming quite the experts at packing and unpacking.

Mr. K and I decided to go for a bit of a walkabout in our neighbourhood  to acquaint ourselves with our new surroundings. Our street is full of temples that have recently all been abuzz celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival. We were woken each day to Chinese opera and banquets taking place at our front doorstep. Makes for an interesting cultural experience (and little sleep whilst working night shift)!

As we meandered a little further down the road, we came across a hawker market selling the sweetest looking and most refreshing ice teas and juices...

 So of course we stopped and had a treat, all for the grand total of $2.60.

We have moved to a much less flashy area, but this makes us happy knowing that this place is so much more "real" than the glitzy shopping centres and generic urbanity of our last home's locality. We can walk out the front door and feel like we are in Asia here, which is how we should feel after all.

Welcome to my pretty new neighbourhood, Singapore style!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Classic French style home in Los Angeles

Well I've had a super busy week, but I did find a little time to swoon over this little lovely. The images of this oh so pretty home had me positively grinning from ear to ear. The owners had originally planned to renovate and sell it upon completion, but they had fallen in love and have now lived there for 12 years. Nestled on the outskirts of Los Angeles, this secluded oasis is a bright and airy dream. If I had this home I would never leave either!


Pretty x a million.....

Pippa xoxo